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Gazette sales feedback

feedback profiles for sales @ gazette_sales

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Hello, and welcome to g_s_feedback.
This is the official feedback community for gazette_sales. If you're here to leave feedback, please make sure to read the rules before commenting.

Your mods are kotsurin, six_ugly and yoroshikubitch.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of the mods if you have any questions. Suggestions to make the community better can be posted here.


Leaving feedback
  1. Reply with a new comment to the entry specifically designated for the user. If you can't find an entry for the user you're looking for, please contact one of the mods and we'll make a new entry asap.
  2. The subject line should indicate whether your feedback is positive, neutral or negative.
  3. If you're leaving negative feedback, please make it clear why you are doing so.
  4. Copy and paste the form below (all fields are required):
<strong>Leaving feedback as:</strong> buyer/seller/trader (please choose one)
<strong>How was communication during the transaction?:</strong>
<strong>Overall satisfaction:</strong> (please write a little about how the transaction went)


  • If you have an additional feedback profile elsewhere already, please notify one of the mods and we'll add a link to it on your feedback profile here.
  • If you're reporting a scammer, please notify one of the mods as well as leaving a feedback comment.